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Teacher Trainer

genevieve Collette

Introducing Genevieve


Genevieve Collette is a "SEER” and “Psychic Medium”.
 Genevieve has been working professionally, nationally and internationally, for 30 years.
Genevieve has appeared on Radio and Television throughout Australia.

Genevieve appeared regularly on the Bert Newton Show and Steve Vizard in the late eighties early nineties. She has also appeared on the ABC with Peter Couchman, Today Tonight in a Ghost busting three day program and with Terry Williese in a future predictions spot.

Genevieve has also done extensive work on radio including 6PR in Perth with Howard Satler, 5AAA in Adelaide with Graham Corns, 2UE in Sydney with Brian Bury, 3AW in Melbourne with….., B105 Brisbane  and  Melbourne on the Jo and Joe show as well as regional stations, Wagga Wagga, Shepparton, and Goulburn.

Community Service:
Genevieve often works with the police, with missing persons and has been flown overseas to assist
on special cases.
Genevieve has regularly volunteered her services for fund raising.

The Show:
“Psychic Supper with Genevieve”
Genevieve presents a light hearted, fun, fast moving, entertaining show, where guests interact and receive clarity and empathy, with individual messages. Genevieve covers past lives, present and future, love life, speaking to loved ones who are in spirit and much more.


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